Go mobile

More and more people are online using their mobile phones.
So it is time to be ready for those customers.

Mobile is the future now.

Why mobile?

It is predicted that in less than two years there will be more mobile phones than personal computers.

Mobile applications are the latest trend in business and customer approach.

Mobile services promote business growth, are effective, affordable and reach more customers no matter what time or place.

You can say that smartphones can display standard websites as well as mobile ones. But the thing is that it takes longer to download a content to a mobile phone, flash does not work and the user has to scroll through the website while zooming the page in and out.

Go mobile now

Submit your details to a free firmie directory and you get your own mobile profile instantly.

Not only do you promote your business in the best Irish directory but you also publish local events and post adverts in online market for free.

Having your online profile allows users to see it both in a standard version on their personal computers and in mobile friendly version on their phones.

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